An Introduction to BingX: A Social Crypto Exchange

5 min readJul 7, 2023

As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you might have encountered various exchanges facilitating trading within the crypto market. One such platform that has gained popularity is BingX, a social crypto exchange dedicated to offering comprehensive crypto services to users in more than 100 countries and regions.

With a mission to make crypto accessible and friendly to all, BingX provides millions of users with a secure and trustworthy trading experience. As the first derivatives trading platform, BingX offers unique services such as spot, derivatives, copy trading, and grid trading services.

So, why wait? Keep reading to explore BingX and discover the potential of this social crypto trading platform and how to come on board.

Overview of BingX’s Unique Features

BingX is a crypto social trading network designed to facilitate innovative and reliable trading services in the cryptocurrency industry. The platform offers various services, including spot trading, derivatives trading, copy trading, and grid trading.

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As a trader, you can also benefit from BingX’s top-level risk control and a well-rounded social trading ecosystem, for which the company has amassed over 8,000 elite traders and 20,000 professional traders.

BingX is committed to offering diverse trading and social needs to users in the cryptocurrency industry. By utilising these unique offerings, you can elevate your trading experience and potentially achieve better results in the ever-evolving industry.

Social and Copy Trading on BingX

BingX is a cryptocurrency exchange offering a unique experience combining social and copy trading features. This allows you to leverage the expertise of experienced traders in the crypto market, enhancing your investment decisions and potential returns.

With BingX’s Copy Trade Pro feature, you can easily browse through the portfolios of professional traders and seamlessly mimic their trades in real time. By utilising this feature, you can benefit from the expertise of seasoned traders without needing extensive knowledge of the crypto market.

Another critical aspect of BingX’s social trading feature is the Elite Traders programme, comprised of top-performing traders with a proven track record of profitable investment strategies. By joining BingX, you gain access to the wealth of knowledge and insights these Elite Traders share, with whom you can view their trading activities, strategies, and performance statistics, enabling you to make better-informed decisions.

Trading Platform Features on BingX

At BingX, the trading platform offers various services, including spot trading and grid trading. Spot trading allows you to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin at the current market price. On the other hand, grid trading lets you profit from market fluctuations by placing multiple buy and sell orders at different price levels. This strategy can help you minimise risks and maximise gains in volatile markets.

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Furthermore, BingX also offers spot grid copy trading. This innovative feature allows you to follow and mimic the trading strategies of experienced traders. By participating in copy trading, you can benefit from the expertise of others and improve your trading results without constantly analysing market trends.

Information and Research on BingX

BingX provides real-time access to crypto market data for popular assets like BTC, ETH, etc., to keep you updated on the latest market movements. In addition to providing a robust set of market data and analysis tools, BingX offers resources to guide you in making informed investment decisions.

By mining a cryptocurrency’s historical price movements and trading volumes, you can use BingX’s research tools to conduct fundamental and technical analyses on various cryptocurrencies.

By leveraging the platform’s social trading features and community, you can learn from experienced traders and follow their strategies to optimise your trading portfolio.

Global Accessibility on BingX

BingX is committed to providing cryptocurrency access to users across the globe, no matter which region you are located in. By securing compliance licenses in the United States, Canada, and many other areas, BingX is committed to expanding its reach and ensuring global accessibility.

BingX’s simple and user-friendly platform allows you to register quickly and get started with ease and success in your cryptocurrency journey. An easy registration and verification process, as seen on BingX, is worthy of emulation by other exchanges.

Benefits of Social Trading on BingX

This section explores the numerous benefits of social trading on BingX such as;

Diversifying Trading Strategies

With social trading, you can diversify your trading strategies by observing and emulating the tactics employed by expert traders.

Enhancing Trading Experience

BingX continuously implements product innovations and builds infrastructure to facilitate a seamless trading experience for all users, such as the Copy Trading Subsidy Voucher, which allows you to enjoy worry-free copy trading.

Saving Time on Research

By following expert traders, you can access their market analysis, trading strategies, and experiences and save research time.

Experience BingX: A Social Crypto Exchange

BingX is well-equipped with various features that enhance your cryptocurrency trading experience and open you up to new opportunities for success.

As a trader, you can confidently explore various markets and trading options on the platform while enjoying a seamless user experience.

Furthermore, the platform’s intuitive social trading features allow you to benefit from valuable insights, market sentiments, and automation that can enhance your trading experience.

If you want to learn more about the BingX marketplace and what it has to offer, make sure to follow the official BingX blog. Otherwise, join our BingX Community to earn and learn more about crypto, trading and the latest news!





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Founded in 2018, BingX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange, serving over 5 million users.