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Copy trading is an innovative strategy that benefits newbies and professional crypto traders who have no time to watch charts all day. Copy trading allows you to copy successful trades of professionals in the market.

In this article, you will learn everything you need about copy trading, how it works, how to make lots of money from your trading skills, and how to copy trades effectively.

What is Copy Trading, and How Does It Work?

Copy trading is a part of social trading that involves copying trades of more experienced traders in the market. When you copy trades, you precisely copy the trade’s entry point and the original trader’s closing point.

Copy Trading occurs when an experienced trader opens a position and publishes all the information for other traders to copy. This happens daily on a leading social copy trading platform like

Once a crypto trader has proved capable, they can have as many as 100–200 copy traders copying their trade.

Benefits of Copy Trading: Why Do It?

Copy trading only takes a short time to understand exactly how it works. This is because you don’t have to do trade analysis or keep up with the latest news.

All you need to do is find a trader who has had numerous successes in the market and then follow the steps provided.

BingX spot grid trading provides you with autonomous and statistical trading copy trading techniques you can use to place trades and make money in your absence.

Numerous Alternatives

One of the benefits of copy trading is that you don’t focus on one professional trader.

If a professional trader whom you have been copying the trade starts to put out incorrect predictions and trades, you can easily switch to another one.

It also helps you compare the strategies and tactics of different traders and select the best for your trading.

How To do Effective Copy Trading: BingX Overview

BingX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that provides spot, derivatives, and copy trading services to over 5 million users in over 100 countries and regions worldwide.

Below are some of the benefits of copy trading with BingX;

“Copy by position” is one of the innovative features pioneered by BingX to safeguard copiers’ interests. The “copy by position” strategy allows you to trade a maximum of the same percentage an expert you’re copying is committing to a trade. For example, if a trader puts 30% of his portfolio on a trade, you can’t copy the trade for 50% of your portfolio.

Whether a beginner or a pro, BingX provides you with enough data about who you want to copy so you make the best decisions. That is why it has the Public Share Trading feature for those interested in becoming copy traders. It shows data from earnings to the number of open positions and risk rating.

BingX’s cutting-edge copy-trading tool has benefited over 20,000 copy-trading professionals and has over 5 million users in over 100 countries. This provides a good community base to learn and collaborate.

When copy trading, diversifying your risks is key to long-term success. This can be achieved when you have a diversity of traders to copy their trades instead of depending on one professional trader to carry out your trades.

Zero Subscription fees

The platform also has a copy trading recommendation commission that rewards users who can identify and recommend high-quality traders to other traders on the forum.

Elite Copy Trader Incentive

This massive innovation provides an opportunity to pay performing traders higher commissions and give monthly salaries of up to $1000. Let’s look further into this fantastic opportunity and how you can benefit.

Introducing BingX Elite Copy Trading Programme

To further show a desire to stay innovative, the world’s leading social trading crypto exchange, BingX, is excited to introduce the Elite Copy Traders Programme.

You can see these tiers as verification badges or ranks that one attains from results, not hype. With this program, BingX seeks to provide global traders with more opportunities and offer our users better services.

Benefits of Elite Copy Traders Group

Great Reward Scheme:

Firstly, the Elite Copy Traders Program enables professional and experienced traders to potentially generate a significant income level by being copied by more users. Secondly, It helps copiers to identify traders that suit them the best.

First, all-tier traders can enjoy higher profit share rates from copy

trading. While Gold and Diamond, traders get an extra monthly salary. A Diamond Trader who leads copy trading over USD 100 million would receive fund management remuneration of USD 2 million.

How To Start Copy Trading As an Elite Trader

Starting copy trading is quite simple, as people often imagine; you only need to create an account using a copy trading platform, your deposit, and start copy trading.

BingX, as a leading global copy trading platform, has been making technological innovations that will benefit traders and help users maximise their profits. This makes it the best social trading platform in the world.

When you join a scheme like the Elite Copy Traders Programme, you can make significant income from something you love at zero extra cost. This programme will provide a better trading experience and income for users so start immediately for free.

Join The Elite Copy Trader Programme today

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