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4 min readNov 21, 2022

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is set to make a significant stamp on football and crypto, as this will be the first Cup where crypto sponsorships and initiatives are in focus.

Big crypto companies are participating in the World Cup, including and even BingX. These will put in a considerable effort to spread awareness around crypto. At the same time, millions of fans around the globe follow the football tournament and have the chance to participate in crypto-related fan engagement.

As the start of the World Cup is getting closer, new activities are popping up regarding the event. One of the big ones to keep an eye on is Visa’s step into crypto and NFTs through the event. The payment service has launched its first NFTs, which will raise awareness and money for charity.

Furthermore, BingX is launching its own activities leading up to and during the event — the BingX World Cup 2022 Carnival. It will include football-themed games for BingX users and a prize pool of up to 600,000 USDT.

Charity NFTs from Visa set to raise awareness during the World Cup

Several companies are doing crypto-related events for this World Cup, both companies that are directly sponsoring the event and those that aren’t.

Visa is probably the most eye-popping, as the mainstream payment service is approaching the event with a crypto angle in mind. Visa has launched just five NFTs, all auctioned off to charity. That alone is noble, but there is much more to it than just a couple of NFTs.

Each NFT features a World Cup goal carefully selected and edited with colorful movements and effects that follow the player. The five NFTs feature Tim Cahill from Australia, Carli Lloyd from the United States, Jared Borgetti from Mexico, Michael Owen from England, and finally, Maxi Rodríguez from Argentina.

All five featured players had noteworthy careers and played in different leagues and positions throughout their respective careers. Together, they create a neat look into World Cup history, with each of their own goal that is already in the history books.

In addition to the charity NFTs, Visa will make an effort to keep fans at the event engaged in crypto and football. Visa will host small six-vs-six football matches where participating players can create their own NFT from that match.

The matches will be played on an interactive pitch using its technology to record and create a gif of each player. The gifs will include colors from the player’s favorite national team and personalize it through that. By tracking goals and movements, the unique gif is set to create a memory for the player and store it as an NFT on within seven to 14 days after the match.

Visa has truly figured out a new and creative way to engage fans at the World Cup, and we can’t wait to see how it turns out. It will let fans share their love for the sport but also crypto. It could even open doors for new people to get into crypto and discover what the technology is capable of.

BingX to run a special Carnival of games throughout the World Cup

While the Visa activities during the World Cup seem to be fire, BingX will be making our own efforts to make the event unforgettable for crypto enthusiasts.

BingX will host a first-of-its-kind World Cup Carnival featuring various games and activities for BingX users. The Carnival will synchronize the joy of football with crypto through this mega event with a prize pool of up to 600,000 USDT. Finally, there’s a chance to win some coveted tickets to the World Cup Final and signed jerseys from football stars.

All BingX users can participate from November 7 to the end of the tournament on December 18. The games will be related to the World Cup and could be anything from predicting who the best-performing teams will be to voting for your favorite football player to enter raffles.

Games will be revealed as the tournament progress, with guaranteed activities through the round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and of course, the grand final.

The goal is to celebrate the event and have fun while trying to take crypto another step in the right direction. The awareness around the World Cup is expected to be immense, and the same is expected on the BingX platform.

The BingX World Cup 2022 has already kicked off, so make sure to head over to our platform and participate as a user. There are fantastic prizes and undoubtedly a really good time awaiting the participating users.

To stay up to date with the crypto space, especially the World Cup activities, stay up to date on the BingX blog.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar officially kicks off on Sunday, November 20, when the host nation Qatar faces off against Ecuador.

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