Exploring BingX Dual Price Mechanism: A Guide to Fair and Transparent Trading

4 min readNov 27, 2023

As we all know, the crypto world presents both rewards and challenges for traders. One major challenge it offers is the risk of forced liquidation due to sharp market fluctuations.

This is where the innovative BingX Dual Price Mechanism comes into play. The BingX Dual-Price Mechanism consists of the mark price and the last price, which protects you from abnormal market conditions, reducing the chances of forced liquidation.

As we explore the BingX Dual Price Mechanism, you’ll gain insights into how it fosters a fair trading environment and ensures transparency.

Understanding BingX Dual Price Mechanism

BingX’s dual price mechanism is designed to provide a fair and transparent trading environment for its users. This innovative approach protects you from malicious liquidations caused by significant deviations between the platform’s price and the mainstream spot price1.

The dual price mechanism operates using two prices: the market price and the index price. The market price, also known as the last traded price, represents the most recent transaction between a buyer and a seller on the BingX platform. The index price, on the other hand, is derived from multiple leading spot exchanges to accurately reflect the market-wide spot price2.

To ensure fair trading and reduce the risk of forced liquidations, the dual price mechanism uses the index price as the reference price for liquidations rather than the market price3. This helps protect your trades from abnormal market conditions that may occur due to exaggerated price fluctuations.

The underlying technology behind the dual price mechanism monitors and adjusts the index price to maintain a level playing field for all users, preventing malicious market manipulations and minimizing the impact of any sudden volatility on your trading activities.

Transparency in Trading

The BingX Dual Price Mechanism is a highly sought-after feature in perpetual futures trading due to its ability to maintain fairness and transparency. By utilizing two distinct price points, it counters the possibility of mass liquidation often witnessed in conventional single-price mechanisms during turbulent market conditions. This innovative feature combines the mark price and the last price to deliver greater accuracy and fairer trading.

As you delve into the intricate details, the dual pricing system offers enhanced clarity and reduces the risk of forced liquidation events. The fairness is designed to provide safeguards for your investments, unlike traditional single-price systems that may force liquidation during significant market deviations.

In conclusion, the BingX Dual Price Mechanism offers you a more confident and knowledgeable trading experience by providing a clear, neutral, and transparent environment. So, elevate your financial position and secure your trading future with a fair and efficient design.

Pros and Cons of BingX Dual Price Mechanism: Major Highlights


The BingX Dual Price Mechanism offers the following benefits;

  • Reduce price manipulation: One of the key benefits of this mechanism is the ability to ensure a stable market. It also allows for accurate price determination and minimizes the impact of sudden price fluctuations on investors.
  • Price Stability: The BingX Dual Price Mechanism uses a global index price in addition to the platform’s own trading price, which helps maintain stability during market volatility. This minimizes the risk for traders and prevents potential losses caused by sudden price swings.
  • Enhanced Transparency: BingX’s dual price mechanism ensures that users have a clear understanding of the price differences between the platform’s traded price and the global index price, which promotes a more transparent trading environment.
  • Risk Management: The mechanism includes features like mark price liquidation and funding rate adjustments, which help users manage risks effectively while trading on the platform.


While the BingX Dual Price Mechanism offers several advantages, there are also some drawbacks to consider:

  • Complexity for Beginners: The dual price mechanism could be confusing for novice traders, as they might find it challenging to understand the differences between the two prices and their impact on trading decisions.
  • Potential Lag in Price Updates: Since the mechanism uses a global index price, there might be a lag in price updates, which could affect trading decisions based on real-time market fluctuations.

Despite these drawbacks, BingX’s Dual Price Mechanism serves as an effective tool in promoting fair and transparent trading, by understanding the advantages and drawbacks, you, as a trader, can make better-informed decisions and leverage the platform’s unique features to your advantage.

BingX’s Dual Price Mechanism’s Impact Towards Fairness

The BingX Dual Price Mechanism is a noteworthy aspect of the platform’s commitment to providing fair and transparent trading. As you trade on BingX, it’s essential to understand how this feature benefits you.

The Dual Price Mechanism on BingX better protects your trades from the impact of erratic market conditions and allows you to make more informed decisions that could potentially impact your investments positively.

In summary, BingX’s Dual Price Mechanism is an innovative approach to fair and transparent trading designed to provide you with a more secure and accurate trading environment.

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